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Book Newspaper classified ad online to enjoy lowest prices

Classified advertising is a way to create huge impact in minimum budget. Newspaper classified ad gives the assurance of return more than investment.   There was the time when advertisers hesitate to invest in this fruitful method of advertising due to intricate booking process. However, they have got freedom from this notion as to book classified ad is very easy now.

At present, advertiser can book any category of newspaper classified ad online with newspaper ad booking agency. The main characteristics of these agencies are that they charge best market prices for their services. In other words, it can be said that you do not need to give the payment for their services. You have to only pay the price of package to book classified ad.

Now, attain the detailed information about this form of advertising. Some people regard text as the only format of classifieds advertising. Besides this format, there is another layout which includes display classifieds. Both are differentiated on the basis of their layout and prices. In display classified format, logo and simple design are added while in text whole message can be explained only in few characters. The price of text advertising remains very low due to covering less space.

Advertisers always surrounded by so many questions regarding the format of text newspaper classified ad as you have to explain the whole thing in few words. For this, you do not need to get worried as you can take the help of sample advertisements. This form of advertising gives you the option for shortening the length of words by using their short forms. It is most common while publishing matrimonial advertisements. You cannot insert these short forms by own as they are pre-decided by publications. You can attain complete knowledge about these short forms while you book classified ad online.

Classifieds advertising is done for promoting any kind of services and products. It is divided into several categories that include matrimonial, property, services, business, recruitment, education, property, lost found, public notice and many more. Most of the Indian newspapers  publish daily section for classified ad while some on certain days of week. Popular newspapers like Dainik jagran, Times of India, Hindustan Times publishes on daily basis. They pull large numbers of advertisers to publicize their commercial offerings. There is a huge advantage of publishing these ads in leading dailies. They give you the guarantee of huge response in your limited budget also.

It is advisable to book classified ad in newspaper online to enjoy hassle free booking process and least prices.

Myadcorner books classified ad in all categories including recruitment, business, services, business and many more. Here, you can book newspaper classified ad at lowest prices by simple online booking method.

A guide for Times of India Matrimonial

Matrimonial Ads are well proven method even in this online age to seek the partner from the crowd of millions. Why they are given so much of preference as in arrange marriages parents are decision makers. Most of the parents are not familiar with the internet. In urban areas the trend of giving marriage ads is catching fire and a highly well known newspaper helps in sustaining it. Your guess is right if you have found the answer TOI. Times of India Matrimonial advertisements are unparallel medium to hunt for the partner from highly urbanized cities of India.

 Matrimonial special Times of India classifieds section appears only on Sunday. The newspaper invites all categories of matrimonial ads to be published in this section. 125 characters are considered as the 5 lines. You have to pay extra charge if you compose your ad in more than 125 characters.

Now, if you want to know that how to pick the particular packages of Times of India Matrimonial? The newspaper offers combined city wise packages including Shagun, Kangan, Hamsafar, Doli and lots more.  It offers packages for all the tailored needs. If you want to search your partner only from the metro city then you can get the metro special package.

TOI matrimonial classifieds section is categorized on the basis of caste, religion, community, language and profession. Matrimonial ads in TOI are mainly published in English language. In TOI, classifieds marriage ads are also divided on the basis of age categories that include 20s, 30s, 40s etc. It is advised here that place your marriage ad in Times of India classifieds as per your age group to get the suitable responses. Sometimes, parents get confused when their daughter age is 29. At that time, they mostly give their ad in 30s. For those, it is advised to give their ad in 20s as boys till 33 age mostly seek their bride from 20s age. You have several options to shorten your ad matter by the use of short forms such as PQM, SM, Wntd etc. All these shorts forms help lots in shortening the length of ads.

The newspaper has introduced the concept of Post Box for those who do not want to give their phone number or Email address. In these types of ads, you have to provide the post box number assigned by newspaper itself.

Both wanted bride and wanted groom matrimony ad in TOI can be booked online via any of leading newspaper ad booking agency. There are several benefits of booking these ads online. Among them first is that you can enjoy quick booking process.

You do not need to search any more the online newspaper ad booking agency for Times of India matrimonial.The leading newspaper ad booking agency, is authorized booking center of Times of India classifieds as well as display. Here, you can get all the exciting packages for publishing Matrimonial Ads in TOI.


Whom you can target by Hindustan Times Advertisement?

Every newspaper offers you certain advantages in terms of advertising. Akin to them, leading newspaper Hindustan Times also offers several benefits of advertising. This leading newspaper has maintained immense value among advertisers. There is common question that strike on the mind of many advertisers that which kind of purpose can be solved by publishing advertisement in Hindustan Times. You can reach to the people of different age groups by Hindustan Times advertisement.

By Hindustan Times Classifieds,you can cover the local residents of particular city. But before going deep into this subject, you need to know its reach to understand the structure of its target audience. You can penetrate your message among urban population by Hindustan Times Advertisement as it reaches in all prime cities. HT is circulated in main cities of Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Bihar as well as all prime metros.  It has covered the huge part of urban India.

When you want to know which part of population can be targeted by publishing Advertisement in Hindustan Times then firstly, you need to consider the format of advertising. By the Hindustan classifieds, you can reach to the local residents of particular city. However, if you avail the all edition package then can extend the reach of your advertising message. By giving display ad in HT, you can fulfill the branding purpose of your product and service. Whatever the format of your advertising, the newspaper is the way to reach at urban population.


The newspaper has several supplements that cater the different sections of urban areas. It is highly popular among college going students. Its HT Education supplement & vibrant stories are main reason behind its growing popularity among youths. HT estate pullout is for those who want to invest in property. By publishing real estate advertisement in this widely popular supplement, you can reach to huge part of your target audience. You can also target the working professionals by Hindustan Times Advertisement. It publishes a very special supplement termed as Shine jobs, mainly for job seekers & working professional. So, if there is any vacant position in your organization then you can give your advertisement in this supplement. The newspaper has daily classified section, in which, focus day has been assigned for each category.

So, HT offers customized options to popularize any service or product in urban areas. Not only commercial advertising, it is used for personal advertising purpose such as name change, matrimonial etc.

Why online newspaper ad agency always gets preference to book ad in newspaper?

You very well understand the importance of newspaper as a promotional medium. However, you hesitate to book advertisement in newspaper. Some advertisers do this because they do not want to confront with the complicated process of booking ad in this mass medium. It can occur with you if you are not aware about the concept of online booking of advertisement in newspaper. Continue your reading, if you want to know that how this concept works.

In India, there are many online newspaper ad agencies that book advertisement in the console of home. They have strong network of newspapers and they work on the behalf of clients. They give the online facility of payment. On their website, you have to follow a simple process. Your personal ad will be booked in few steps. A newspaper ad agency gets the accreditation for their services. So, you do not need to worry regarding their authenticity.


Newspaper advertising agency provides highest comfort to clients: The utmost level of console that you can experience at the website of ad booking companies cannot get in direct booking. The staff of advertisement department of newspapers always remains busy. So, in that case you have to confront with time-taking process. Newspaper advertising agency always stays ready to meet the instant demands of their clients. These agencies have organized customer support department to assist the clients in whole process of ad booking. They also offer an extra benefit to give creative aid as per your requirement. You can get this assistance both for classified and display advertisement. Your advertisement will be designed without giving any extra charge. Some people consider that they can miss offers if they book advertisement online but it is completely a false notion. You will enjoy same prices with no more extra as well as get all available packages offered by any particular newspaper on advertising.


So, it is advised that to do not stop your promotional campaign in newspaper just because of intricate process of ad booking. The whole process of booking ad in newspaper can be completed online in few clicks on the website of newspaper ad agency. Besides the hassle free process, you will get various advantages. You will get expert creative help free of cost, customer support and best prices without making any additional expenditure. These agencies have well-built network of newspapers. So, you will experience quick services. Your ad will publish on your desired day and place. is one of leading newspaper ad booking agency. It offers highly efficient and quick services to their clients. It has maintained its invincible position among advertisers due to providing them great customer satisfaction.

Newspaper vehicle ad: Most sensible medium to hunt for the right buyer of vehicle

Your superb vehicle not only assists you in transportation but also you are emotionally involved with it. Sometimes, you are compelled to relieve yourself from these emotions and to hand over your darling car and bike to others. There are many circumstances that may force you to take such cruel decision. Some people willingly take this decision as they know the replacement of old one with new is the law of nature. In both of these conditions, it is a hectic process to seek the person who may evaluate the real worth of your vehicle. This complicated process may be made uncomplicated by small investment. You need to spend small proportion of your earning to advertise your vehicle for sale in newspaper.

You must have spent huge amount on the purchase of your car or bike. You cannot get same on selling second hand model but you can earn the ample proportion of investment. For this, you need to broaden your searching criteria in regard of right buyer for your vehicle. This can be done only by publishing your vehicle ad in newspaper due to mass reach of this medium.  To purchase the vehicle is question of huge investment even in the case when customer wants to buy old model. That is why, they are highly concerned with the legitimacy of medium that inform them about owner of vehicles. It is the main reason for selecting the newspaper for vehicle advertisement.

You can select any of the newspaper to advertise about your mode of transportation for sale. The classified format is in vague for this category of advertising. You can also choose classified text format for cost cutting. If your budget allows for little bit extra investment then do not hesitate in using highlighters. Beside dimmed brands, all the notorious brand of newspaper give the space to advertise automobile for sale. It is advisable to use online process for booking vehicle ad in newspaper rather than wasting your time in direct booking of ad. These newspaper online booking centers always ready to assist their customers by implementing the task of newspaper ad booking in minimal time and cost. It is delightful information for you that you can book ad in every supplement and edition of any leading newspaper.

So, now, it is time to put hold on your mental exercise that you are doing for seeking right buyer of vehicle.  You just need to book vehicle ad in newspaper online. After that, your ad will publish on right time and right place. You will definitely receive huge number of responses from the customers, once your ad will appear.  

Newspapers: Most popular medium to seek soul mate in most hi-tech city, Bangalore

Bangalore is the city of big corporate houses so magnetize the whopping section of youths for employment. It not only attracts youths from outside but also residents of this city also don’t like to leave it due to ample scope for career. This is one of most hi-tech metro cities so the youths are also very advanced here. In this situation, it is a complex process for parents to seek the perfect life partner for their children, residing in this city. This intricate process can be made facile by taking smart decision of publishing matrimonial ad in newspaper. It is the smartest decision as it gives best output by giving higher response in minimal cost.

Bangalore is a metropolitan city where the major segment of population is youth. Most of the young population is working here and highly advanced. But, the trend of arrange marriage is still prevalent here. Most of time, parents have to confront with lots of troubles while searching life partner as here no one has time to suggest the right proposal. In that situation, newspaper exposes you with all the prospective groom and bride of that city. In this hi tech city, gigantic section of population believes on this reliable medium to tie the unbreakable knot. Newspaper also ensures intrusion in every part and each section of population so it is perfect medium to search from the crowd of thousands.

All the prestigious newspapers publish their matrimonial supplements in Bangalore. These supplements are completely focused on matrimonial classified ads. You can select the format of matrimony ads in Bangalore Newspaper as per your budget. You have option of classified and text ad that are varying in both cost and appearance. You can also add the characteristics of display in your classified format by highlighting it through bold fonts and highlighters.

Your hours may go waste into direct booking of matrimony ad in Bangalore newspaper. So, online booking of Matrimony ad will be feasible for you. There are many online booking centers that bestow their services on all India bases. This facility has contracted the process of Bangalore Matrimony ad booking by making it in few minutes.

So, if you are eagerly waiting to make the life of your young child blissful by searching the best person for his life then you should rely on most authentic medium. You do not need to invest anywhere else when most authentic and highly penetrated medium, newspaper is also affordable. So, prove yourself as best parent by searching a friendly soul mate for your young child that may give him leisure moment everyday from the hectic schedule of Bangalore.

Display ad in newspaper: right inveastment to experience paramount growth

The readers may miss the editorial information in newspaper but their eyes automatically move to the advertisement, embellished with attractive fonts and designs. This endorsement effort not only strikes your eyes but also works as call to action. In the term of advertising, it is called display advertising. The aim of these ads is not only to spread information but also to grab the instant attention of readers.

Marketers invest huge proportion of their budget on display advertising in newspaper to survive their product in this age of cut throat competition. These ads not only increase the numbers of customers but also help in creating positive image. The reach and fidelity of the newspaper is unsurpassed. So, this medium has remained the foremost choice of marketers for advertising even in this internet age.

Some people hesitate to invest in display advertising due to comparatively high cost. If you are one of them then it is delightful information for you that you have option to reduce your cost.  You can opt for display classified format. This format makes your ad clutter free and highly visible into classified section of newspaper. If you want to use pure display format then you can minimize your budget by covering less space. While, sufficient budget helps you in appearing your ad in full page, half and quarter page. It is advisable to put your maximum creativity while finalizing the design for display ad in newspaper. A captivating design snatches the attention of readers towards ad. Effective media plan and brand of newspaper is also the determining factor for responses.

The newspaper display advertising has experienced boom after the introduction of online booking technique of display ads. The newspaper online booking centers coordinate you in completing whole process of booking in to the coziness of home. You can book display ads online for branding, public announcement, tender notice, education admission notices, URF and special announcement supplement.

So, if the competition is causing blockade in your sale or your newly established business has not created buzz, then it is the time for right investment. You need in invest some part of your earning in display newspaper advertising. After this, your business must catch maximum speed to reach the destination of growth in minimum time.

Classified newspaper advertising: ensures paramount reach in small expenditure

There is a format of advertising that ensures mass reach and utmost response even in your tight budget. You do not need to puzzle yourself with this magnificent format as the answer is here. It is the format of newspaper classified advertising that transfers your advertising message without caring about any boundaries. The popularity of newspaper classified advertising can be estimated from the fact that newspaper earns large chunk of profit from it.

Now, you must be wondering that why in this internet age, you should invest on classified advertising in newspaper. There is a very straightforward answer for this; the authenticity of newspaper is unsurpassed. Omnipresence of this mass medium is main ruling factor behind the popularity of newspaper classified advertising. Whether, you want to advertise your product or service, convey any personal message, public or legal announcement, classified ads in newspaper serves all purposes. Name change, Lost found, property, recruitment, business, services and public notice, matrimony are main categories of these ads.

The appearance of classified ads is very ordinary but still they prove mass appealing due to the category wise division. Readers always inquire in their concerned category of classified ad. It helps in standing apart each ad from others. To give classified ads in newspaper is most affordable method of advertising. Although, per line and word may cause variation in cost. If you want quick attention and enhanced response of readers, then you are suggested to apply highlighters.

There are many factors that work as the hidden force behind the success of your classified ad in newspaper. A comprehensive media plan is necessary that comprises selection of appropriate brand of newspaper and editions. A particular format is followed for classified advertising. Times of India, Hindustan (Hindi), Hindustan Times, Navbharat Times, Amar Ujala, Dainik Jagran are some of the leading names that are most preferred for classified ads.

The time has gone when people have ample time to take multiple rounds of newspaper offices to complete the booking process of classified ad. It is time to get benefitted from technology and leverage from online booking process of classified ads. Through this process, you can book your ad in multiple editions in few clicks and least time.

So, adopt the method of classified newspaper advertising if you want to reach maximum people in minimum budget. Now, you can book these ads anytime and from anywhere due to the facility of online booking of these ads. 

Publish public notice ad to spread legal messages confidently

If you want to propagate a legally concerned message among masses then you should rely upon a bona fide medium that is newspaper. In advertising term, these legally concerned messages referred as public notices. These ads encompass information about tenders, any legal amendment and discordant behavior about law.

Every newspaper reserves a section for public notices. These notices are legal matter so every organization gives preference to newspaper as this medium has maintained its authenticity. Newspapers enjoy wide range of readers from segments like small and large business owners, entrepreneurs. This section of readers wholly relies upon newspapers to know about tenders and any kind of crucial public notices due to the legitimacy of this medium. 

Public notice ads in newspapers are published into the form of text and classified. The classified display format is applied to grab the attention of readers quickly. Text and classified formats also insists the readers for prompt response. You can select any of the preeminent newspaper to publish public notice ads. The Hindu, Times of India, Hindustan Times, Dainik Jagran are most coveted names for this crucial category of advertisements. It is required to choose the brand and edition of newspaper according to your target audience.

Now, you can book crucial public notices ad in newspaper without consuming your heaps of hours into the umpteen rounds of newspaper offices. You can book ad online in few clicks. These ads are related to legal issues so you must be concerned about your security. You do not need to worry anymore as online booking of newspaper ads is completely safe. You also do not require investing any extra amount for booking public notice ad in newspaper online. On the other hand, you can leverage from variety of offers and packages that will save your lots of amount.

It is advisable that do not take the risk by choosing any other medium to advertise public notices while you have most credible option that is newspaper. This convincing medium has extended its reach by providing the facility of online booking of ad. It is helping in advertising your crucial matter in the coziness of your home.